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At Preethidham English Medium High School, we strive to provide an excellent education in a safe and caring environment. Our dedicated and experienced faculty are committed to creating a challenging and rewarding learning experience for our students. We have a variety of facilities and features, such as Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Computer Lab, Counseling, Physics Lab, Karate, Art, Yoga, Dance, Abacus, and extra-curricular activities. Our goal is to help every student reach their full potential and to create a lifelong passion for learning.

Special attention to the weak students

PREETHIDHAM ENGLISH MEDIUM HIGH SCHOOL is a premier institution that has been providing quality education for over 25 years. We strive to provide the best learning experience for our students and focus on the holistic development of each individual. We believe in nurturing all students, regardless of their ability or background, and giving special attention to the weaker students. 

Our campus is equipped with modern facilities and our teaching faculty are highly experienced and qualified. We provide a safe and supportive learning environment, and our goal is to empower our students to become responsible and successful citizens.


Our physical education classes provide a comprehensive range of training services to help you achieve your physical fitness goals. From strength and endurance training, to stretching and agility exercises, our certified instructors are here to help you reach your full potential. Our classes offer a safe and supportive environment where you can learn the skills needed to improve your physical health and performance.


At Preethidham English Medium High School, we believe that education should go beyond academics and include moral values as well. We are dedicated to helping our students develop into well-rounded individuals and citizens of the world. Our dynamic curriculum combines the best of traditional and modern educational techniques, giving students the tools they need to thrive.

We also offer classes on the life skills such as financial literacy, public speaking, and emotional intelligence. Our goal is to provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in every aspect of their lives.

Facilities for sports and games like volley ball, kabaddi and Kho-Kho

Our school provides excellent facilities for sports and games including volleyball, kabaddi and kho-kho. Our dedicated sports staff ensure all our students have the opportunity to learn and develop their skills in a safe and enjoyable environment. We provide all the necessary equipment and resources required to facilitate a fun and educational sports experience.


At Preethidham English Medium High School, we understand the importance of a quality education and strive to provide the best learning environment for our students. We specialize in providing a comprehensive education that goes beyond the traditional academic curriculum. Our unique program includes Abacus and Mental Maths classes, which help our students hone their skills and develop a competitive edge.

Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to creating an enriching learning environment that encourages our students to think critically, explore new ideas, and grow both personally and academically. Visit our website to learn more about our courses and programs.

Preethidham English Medium High School is the perfect place for young children to develop their skills in a fun and educational environment. With top-notch gymnastics and karate classes, and experienced instructors, students can take their physical activity to the next level.


Explore Our Academic and Extracurricular Services at Preethidham English Medium High School

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